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        Flue gas purification

        Mainstream Technologies of FGD for Coal-fired Power Plant

        Wet method -- limestone/gypsum method, ammonia-ammonium sulfate method, magnesium oxide method, seawater washing method.

        Semi-dry method: spray drying, electric furnace calcium injection and tail humidification activation method.

        Dry process -- limestone injection furnace process, electron beam radiation desulfurization and denitrification process.

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        • Bag filter
          MFseries bag filter is developed by our technical staff who draw lessons from domestic and abroad advanced dust collection technology, and it is widely applied in recycling and dust control in the fields of electric power, metallurgy, building ma...
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        ANDE has devoted to R & D of new technologies, and has obtained a number of patents and software copyrights, including:

        Grinding roller circulating lubrication device (patent No.: ZL 2018 2 0419135.5)

        VRM protection device for interrupted feeding (patent No.: ZL 2018 2 0426903.X)

        Waste heat recovery technology for active lime rotary kiln line (patent No.: ZL 2020 1 0954122.X) Coal injection control system of lime kiln:(copyright No.: 2018SR382558)

        Coal injection system of pelletizing rotary kiln (copyright No.: 2018SR382020)

        Automatic control system of fuel and combustion air for HGG (copyright No.: 2018SR380452)

        Coal pulverizing & injection control system for BF (copyright No.: 2018SR382323)

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